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Snake Love (song)

Well I know that you think that I'm ugly
But don't trust what you're sure that you see
If you travel the world and the seven seas
I guar-an-tee a return back to me
There are pretty girls with heads full of curls
Who are made to be watched in the light
But the witty girls, with beds full of burls
Are company of choice for the night

And when I'm with you, we will fly through the sky
And when the bed cracks and we're falling we'll be together,
You and I
And I promise you a world of snakes and sins, my love
Close your eyes and open, let an apple in,
My love

Once alone, I sliced open an apple
Which I found full of rot to the core
And it seems that for years I've been healing
This same festering, pestering sore
But I know that my knowledge of wretchedness
Catches things of which you're unaware
And don't dare to relax, I'm still on the prowl
Look, it's here in the stars and my stare

And when you're without me, you will stare at the sky
And though you know you don't love me you will cry
And wonder why
And I know that Sappho and Don Juan are rooting for me
You haven't got a prayer, so you might as well
Let me be
And love me

Don't start feeling too safe or secure now
You're secured, but you dance on my strings
And I'm biding my time in pure wait now
But don't doubt that this snakebird still sings
And I know that you think that you're safe now
Cause I smile a sweet smile in the hall
But when you are not looking behind you
I'll bite, and through the shadows you'll fall

And when I find you, I will make you cry
And when your head cracks, with ecstatic prayers you'll die-
(You and I)
The force at work here's something you can't fight, my love
It'll catch you at your weakest late at night- from above-
My love-
Try love!
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