Rebecca Riot (rebecca_riot) wrote in courtofroses,
Rebecca Riot

Next year's application- Court Of Illumination

What we need for next year-

-Ultimate Fireshow footage (done)
-Resume (done)
-Website (done)

-Complete footage of Court-only show: done, at the school, but lost forever to the recesses of Justin's computer. I REALLY think we should have a video of a complete show, patter and routines, to send in with this year's application and let them know what we're made of. I think we should put together a "season close" show for September sometime, get all our friends out there, and have someone film it. It would be like our Halifax West show... but BETTER! And so professional and awesome! We can start rehearsals as soon as I get back from PEI and do all our, as Mary Prankster would refer to them, New Tricks such as "AM I DISTRACTING YOU????"! And get Angerbouda on as a guest act! Come on, guys, what do you say???? 

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