Locked Heart Ami (amiamiami) wrote in courtofroses,
Locked Heart Ami

Starlight Moonlight

Shooting Star


She has eyes made of starlight
She has moonlight in her hair
And the fact she doesn't know it
That is neither here nor there
And the fact that I can know her
And that I can say all this
Proves that I could love like fire
My fate sealed with a kiss

I was shy and uncertain
Honey sticking in my throat
But I looked into her skyeyes
And the words came pouring out
And I sang the constellations
And I typed out all my tears
And I look at the moonlight
Full of thoughts and wondrous fears

And her face is full of fear now
Her hair falling in her eyes
But if we don't say hello then
I refuse to say goodbyes
But her soul is always singing
And she makes me love to dance
And though I can't chase the shooting stars
I want to take the chance....
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